The Cataracts Tournament Committee encourages ALL teams to ensure players on their team considers individual Insurance.  
The Cataracts Tournament Committee does NOT provide Insurance of any kind to participating players. .
38th Niagara Falls Cataracts Hockey Tournament
Presented by: Cataracts Tournament Committee
Niagara Falls, Ontario March 21 - 24, 2024
                                          2024 APPLICATION

If your team is Accepted to play in the 2024 Tournament you MUST submit your Team Roster by February 15, 2024.
Your Roster is used by the Tournament Committee to help decide which Division your team should play in.
If the Tournament does NOT receive your Roster by this date your team could end up playing in
a division of a higher caliber than you may have hoped to play in.

Fill in the fields below then hit SUBMIT at the end of the form to Apply.
  *  Team Name- As it should appear on the Schedule. Ex: Barrie Colts - Milton Oldies 
(We like to see your City in the team name so people know where each team hails from)

  *  Our team volunteers to play a game on Thursday night between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.. select yes or no: 
Having teams volunteer to play Thursday night or early Friday helps eliminate late Fri. games or early Saturday
                                         and may help keep all games in the Falls thus eliminating the need for teams to travel to other cities for a game.
  *  Our team volunteers to play an  early game on  Friday at 2, 3, 4 or 5 pm.. select yes or no: 
                               Note: Your team may STILL be required to play an early Friday game even if you select NO.
Your team's enjoyment is important.  Every effort will be made to optimize the schedule and seeding.  Changes will NOT be made to the schedule once it has been issued unless there‚Äôs an obvious error identified, such as incorrect seeding or double booking at one ice pad.
*  What Age Group does your Team fall into this year?          Preferred Division?
                                                   (Age as of January 01, 2024)
 * Do you have players that played Professional Hockey?      If yes, how many played Pro?
* Entry Fee Payment Options: Select at left 1, 2, 3 or 4 per below:
1 One Cheque  $950 must be Mailed immediately after Submitting and dated the day you Submit this Application.
2 Two Cheques Mailed immediately after you Submit. 1st $500 dated Dec. 15, 2023.  2nd $450 dated Feb. 01, 2024
                                   Entry Fee includes your team's Prize Draw tickets.
3 One Email Transfer $950 should be Transferred immediately after Submitting this Application.
                               4 Two Email Transfers 1st $500 should be Transferred immediately after Submitting this Application
                                                                     2nd $450 Transfer must be sent by between January 01 and February 01, 2024.
Send email transfers to  & put Your Team Name in the comments section.
                               Make your cheques payable to:  Cataracts Adult Hockey Tournament  and mail it and any Forms to:
                                                       Cataracts Tournament
                                                       6444  McMicking St. 
                                                       Niagara Falls, Ontario
                                                             L2JG  1X1
Enter details on last 3 Tournaments your team played in:
Tournament Name Division Results
  Enter the last 2 teams your team played against competitively:
  1 =
  2 =
  Team Contact Data:
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 If you have a Question or Request, enter it below.
You can also enter extra email addresses for us to copy information to.

(You should get a Confirmation screen within 20 - 30 seconds after you hit Submit)