2024 Niagara Falls Cataracts Hockey Tournament
                             Ontario Tourism Room Information Form

       Teams should complete this Form after they have booked Hotel Rooms.
        When this form is Submitted it gets sent to the Tournament Committee.

  1  Team Name   
  2. Team Manager or Contact Name   
  3.  Manager/Contact Cell ie: 905-nnn-nnnn   
  4.  Hotel Name   
  5.  Total # of Rooms (See next line)  
5. above is for one to three nights= Total # of Rooms booked for each night are added to make your total.
So if you book 8 rooms Friday, 8 Sat. your Total is 16.  If you book 5 Thurs, 8 Fri., 8 Sat. your total is 21.

     When you have filled out the information above, hit this  submit  button.
    (Submit is successful if you get a "Thank You" screen within 10 seconds)